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Pretty, Funny Women Podcast

Oct 25, 2018

Actress and comedienne, Crista Flanagan, (Mad TV) shares with Lisa how she went from not working in show business for two years to starring in two series and a film at the same time. Crista also gives some helpful tips on what it takes to become a successful actor.

Oct 18, 2018

Lisa sits down with one of her closest friends and comedienne, Courtney Cronin Dold. They discuss how to get road work as a comic, how to get your first TV writing job and how to be a compulsive gambler.

Oct 11, 2018

One of Lisa’s favorite students, Julie Follette, makes Lisa laugh out loud while she recounts one of her most popular on stage stories involving a man and his diapers. She also talks about what is was like being gay and raised in a fundamentalist Christian household. That part was not as funny.

Oct 4, 2018

Lisa sits down with her friend and comedy buddy, Andrea Nittoli. They discuss their childhoods, comedy careers, relationships and how to hustle in showbiz and be your own agent when you cant find representation.